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iotaLAMP-PUK ITALIA GROUP(http://puk.it) has developed and produced high-quality luminaires for almost all areas of architecture. During this time, products, their concept and trademarks have become a generic term for many luminaires in the lighting industry. We have focused on interior & exterior lighting solution intensively . We ourselves have established many of the valid criteria which are used as the basis for judging the quality of this group of luminaires. We are familiar with the extreme conditions outdoor luminaires are subject to. They are exposed to dirt, weather factors and extreme fluctuations in temperature. More than any other luminaires, they are required to withstand a high degree of physical stress. We ourselves have created the best technology and production processes to more than meet these requirements. They were not the result of a series of regulations but of our learning process, and form an integral part of our quality concept. This know-how is part of our experience and defines our daily approach to the development of new luminaires and new product ideas.

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Let us show you the different light effects, find out about the different finishes, or have a concrete look at an original luminaire,If you wish, you can announce your visit in advance.

RGB's highly experienced staff

The appearance of an object is not solely dependent on the color-absorbing characteristics of that object. The appearance of an object actually depends upon the type .

Application Support

The support staff provides a number of services, and has a number of responsibilities to ensure that applications remain in good working order.

Video Displays

Innovative LED video displays, LED lighting and LED price changer solutions. Creating custom, high-end LED video and lighting products for any application.

Uniform Back-lighting of glass

A fluorescent laser-diffuser arrangement for uniform backlighting. 3 cm and 3 cm depth were tested without frosted plates inside them.

Large Scale building/media facades

High power lenses usually require more illumination, as smaller areas viewed reflect less light back into the lens.

Integration services and programming

Integration Services has a completely new architecture that separates data movement and transformation from package control flow and management.


Let us show you the different light effects, find out about the different finishes, or have a concrete look at an original luminaire.

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iotalamp offers the best in lighting solutions to showcase the exceptional possibilities with light.iotalamp is amongst the unique architectural lighting solution providers.

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iotaLAMP is an ISO certified company with certification for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard in meeting statutory and regulatory requirements relating to our product while achieving excellence in our customer service and delivery. The standard is being used throughout the iotaLAMP to improve the performance within a particular site, plant and department..

ISO 9001:2015

iotaLAMP is registered with Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSME).


Bureau of Indian Standards registered IotaLAMP under its registration scheme.We are permitted to declare that our articles conform to the Indian Standard .

BIS Approved Lighting Fixtures